Dana Ricciardi

Dana is a lifelong resident of Deerfield. Her love of all things beautiful, as well as functional, has motivated her to pursue a career in design.

Following graduation from the University of Wisconsin, Dana completed two years of post- graduate study in design at the accredited Harrington College of Design. While attending, she also completed a 14-month internship where she gained invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge in her chosen field.

The road to life’s career is often determined early. Such is the case with Dana Ricciardi. As far back as she can remember, Dana has enjoyed the challenges of design and decorating. It began in her own bedroom, where she was con- tinuously making changes in color, detail and content… ever improving the function and practicality with beauty

and design. As she grew, so did Dana’s focus, and Dana Ricciardi Designs is the result.

“I’m ready to begin on my own – without the constraints of corporate boundaries to limit my creativity and my independence. I have set my sights on creating rooms and work areas that are both livable and lovely to live in, and I enthusiastically look forward to putting my experi- ence and education to the test. I invite family and friends to pass the word that my doors are open and I can hardly wait to get started.” Dana Ricciardi Designs has estab- lished relationships in both the textile and home furnishings arena that ensure clients will have access to some of the finest showrooms in the field of interior décor.

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